Download any embedded Wistia videos for FREE

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog w3raja. On my website each day I will share exciting posts about web development and digital marketing tips. Today I am going to teach about How to download any paid videos like wisita.

Follow the below complicated manual steps to download the video without software help.

That’s the right question. Most of the students have poor-quality internet connection so they can’t able to access the educational and tutorial videos. It’s a really good idea to download your videos offline.

Online course providers like udemy. Lynda, skillshare, udacity, and Edureka provide content to access in offline mode but few other content-based learning platforms don’t offer a good way to access the videos offline. So that students are facing some video accessing problems while there is no internet on their mobile/laptop devices.

How W3Raja can help you to download your paid tutorial video?

A few days before, I joined one online course. I can able to access all those videos in their course list but I can’t able to watch it as offline. so I searched google to get some ideas about how to download some paid course material videos offline.

My course provider uses some third-party video providers to stream their videos. In my case, my course provider uses WISTIA to stream videos. WISTIA videos are embedded on paid subscription site. there is no download option to download the particular video. 

Steps to download any embedded Wistia videos for FREE

  • Login to your content learning platform with a username and password.
  • Go to the video embedded page and right-click on it
  • Now click the copy link and thumbnail option
  • Finally, we formed a link like this.
  • Now go to and paste the
  • Now click the video size you want to download
  • The video will open in a new tab, right-click on it and save the video
  • The video will be downloaded with video-name.bin you need to rename it as video-name.mp4
  • That’s all you successfully download the wistia video using my method.

Note: I posted this trick for educational purposes only please don’t download any copyrighted video. This method works 100%. use this method and access your videos offline. Happy coding!

If you have any queries or doubts means post it on the below comment. Thanks for reading

Final Summary to download wistia video

Steps to download any embedded Wistia videos for FREE

  1. Go to the video embedded page and right-click on it

  2. Open your text editor

    copy the value of the code ie aj9zp87u2pĀ Ā 

  3. Now attach the code with some more text like this

  4. Now go to and paste the link

    That’s all!. You download the wistia video

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  1. Compared with watching Wistia video tutorials online, many users may like to download Wistia video tutorials for offline study.

  2. Cool, I tried it and worked like honey. Thanks Raja.
    Do you have any solution to download netflix video from mac. I have an account in netflix and want to download and keep some videos to see where no internet is availab.e

    • Hi Ray,
      Can you please send the Teachable video page link. I will research and help you to download videos from teachable website.

  3. Hi, Can you please explain how to view the source codes for locked content?

    I found out how to get the content for videos released, but I cannot figure out how to view the page source to extract videos for pages that are locked..

    Thank you

  4. Hey THANK YOU so much for this. It saved me a lot of time from having to use Movavi to record my screen. This is great!! Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  5. Seriously you’re going to my hero since right now šŸ™‚ I need my course’s video that I paid for. Thank for your tutorial šŸ™‚

  6. Finally, a worth reading article. Thanks for this very helpful tutorial Raja! I can download Wistia videos now. Before, I’m only using an online downloader called However, it doesn’t work sometimes.

  7. thank you so much for this service. I download my pain lecture that was very important and i was unable to download. but this website help me. thank you so much!!!!

  8. Hello, I get the trouble as following :

    When I right-click on the video and there are only two choices for selection.
    ā€“ Video data
    ā€“ Reload video

    Therefore I cannot got the option ” copy link and thumbnail “. Then how can I get the ā€ Wistia-Code ā€ ?

    Please give me some opinion. Thanks !

    Best regards


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