How to improve your knowledge and skills

knowledge is everything. A person must have certain knowledge to live in this world. Knowlege gives clear idea about what to do and what not to do. You may see, most of the experts have high knowledge in his/her field. People are always saying Knowlege is power.

What are the different types of knowledge?

Knowledge can be classified into three types.

  1. Biological knowledge
  2. Theory knowledge
  3. Practical knowledge

Biological knowledge is a common thing. we cant change the biological knowledge. For example humans, animals, birds and insects. These all have their own biological knowledge and characteristics.

Theory knowledge is something that can be learned through books, paper, word of mouth, movie or reading some set of articles. This type of knowledge will help to get a basic understanding of all the things.

Practical knowledge is something that he/she can learn by doing somethings. Actionable things come under practical knowledge. For example, one can become good at the signing by practising multiple songs. one can become a wrestler by practising the wrestling daily.

Coding, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Wrestling, Boxing are all practical knowledge. One should have years of expertise in those fields to become an expert.

How to create a website?

For this website creation process. A person should have both theory knowledge and practical knowledge. Theory knowledge helps to get what are the things involved in web design/development. Practical knowledge helps to do real-time development process.

Therefore 20% of theory knowledge and 80% practical knowledge are required to achieve the things. But the sad things is, colleges and formal education only give theory knowledge.

Skill / Talent

First need to get the knowledge through books, videos, mentor etc. then you must practise that knowledge in real-world like how to code header, how to code footer etc. Else the Learning curve will not give the complete product/website.

Find a Mentor who can able to teach you about coding. This tactic will save you time and money. A good mentor is really needed to achieve the goals.

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    • In web development, we need lot of practical skills in developing web page sections like header, footer, sidebar, page design, and more.


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