mysql incorrect format parameter error -WordPress

WordPress migration is not a difficult task for those who know about some technical knowledge about web hosting tools like cpanel, phpmyadmin, filezilla and dns(domain name system). WordPress provides lots of ways for migration options. Now we see about custom migration that causes mysql incorrect format parameter error from phpMyAdmin page.

mysql incorrect format parameter error -Wordpress

PhpMyAdmin is a database tool which comes along with cpanel. PhpMyAdmin helps to create database files and database operations. You can able to create database, read database, update database and delete database fields by using phpmyadmin. You can also backup and import your .sql databases from your localhost to live server.

Why mysql incorrect format parameter error?

This error occurs due mainly while importing your database file from your old-server to new-server. This error indicated you are trying to upload more than 8mb of file in size.

You need to reduce the file size by adding the file with .zip format.

How to compress your .sql file and zip it?

Right click on your normal .sql file and add it to the archive with .zip format. Now your 8mb file is reduced to 1mb file.

Compress sql file to zip format

Now again go to your phpMyAdmin page and trying to upload the compressed .zip file in the import tab.

After choose the .zip file the scroll down and click the GO button. Now your sql files is imported successfully by doing this simple method.

Some times after uploads, the MYSQL IMPORT ERROR UNKNOWN COLLATION: ‘UTF8MB4_UNICODE_520_CI will come. You can solve this error by reading this MYSQL IMPORT ERROR UNKNOWN COLLATION: ‘UTF8MB4_UNICODE_520_CI Solution Page.

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