How to Download Brightcove Video

We already discussed how to download wistia videos for offline studying purposes. Most of my blog visitors are requested to publish a post about “steps to download Brightcove videos”. So I researched the topic and find a simple method to download videos from brightcove sites.

Steps to download any brightcove or embedded videos for free

Follow the below steps to download the brightcove video manually.

  • Open the website page where your favourite video was attached.
  • Right-click on the video and click the inspect option
select data-account
select data-video-id
  • Copy the value from data-video-id=”6038086711001
  • Copy the data-account value data-accoount=”2071817190001″
  • Now paste both the value next to the below link
Video id
  • paste the link and click the get video button and download it.
  • That’s all. you downloaded the video in simple steps.

Note: I tested this method. It works well. If you are facing any problem means please mention in the comment. I will reply to your comments. Thanks. Happy Hacking.

58 thoughts on “How to Download Brightcove Video”

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to download a Brightcove video from a website, but every time it comes without the audio. I don’t have audio in my videos. Would have some suggestion about what should I do?


    • Hi buddy!
      download videos in .mp4 format. Every video has an audio file. If you not hearing audio means, Download video in some other format like .avi .mkv

      • Hi,
        Thank you so much for your reply. Is there a way to see if my video has an audio file in it? Because I tried to convert the .mp4 format to .avi and even like this I got no audio.
        And I can’t find an extension that downloads a video in another format than .mp4.
        Do you know any extension that I can use on the browser to download it in another format?

      • Hi,
        Thank you for your reply. I use an extension on Chrome and this extension just download videos .mp4. But even when I convert the file from .mp4 to .avi I still have no sound.
        Do you have any tip? Or a good extension I good use?
        Is there a way to see it the audio file is inside this video?

        Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Just tired this method but it didn’t work…
    Here is the error message: Ray ID: 556ee6953da46aad • 2020-01-18 07:38:35 UTC
    What did I do wrong?

  3. Found an easier way to get the data. Right click on the video and select “Player Information”. Then copy and paste the Account ID number and the Video ID number from the list into the URL as above.

    • Thanks for the valuable comment. I am interested in doing a stock market investment. Follow my tips and download Brightcove video free of charge.

  4. Allavsoft provides two methods to download online videos and music files.
    Method 1: Copy and paste paste the video or music url to Allavsoft and click Download button.
    Method 2: Click REC button to record the online video or music files or desktop activities.
    It has both Mac and Windows version.

    • Hi Mario,

      I tried your link to download the file.
      I tried to play M3U8 paw patrol video using VLC stream, chrome, firefox and other browsers also.
      But unfortunately, the video is not loading at all.

  5. hey if i download a video through this process is there any way they can track me down(or they will know that i downloaded the video)

  6. Thank you for your share. I just test Allavsoft and find it works great to download from youtube, vimeo, spotify, soundcloud etc website.

  7. Can u provide me with some discount on the software purchase? I am a student, and I do not have that much money, please, If possible, Sir, provide me with some discount

  8. This method works well.
    I have downloaded more than 10+ videos for my offline learning purpose.
    Thanks a lot Raja.

  9. could you help me,,,i am trying alot of times…i think i have set everything correct..but not working…and your site giving me the time out error. i have used Allavsoft, Winx Youtube, Video Proc, Hd video convertor..none of them works thanks Raja

  10. can you please guide me to download this video

  11. This method works perfectly.
    I have downloaded 20+ brightcove videos for offline learning with this free trick.
    For some videos, i used movavi tool to record it manually.

    Thanks a lot Raja.
    Keep posting new tricks.

  12. Hello. I tried the method above. Sadly, it didn’t work. I even tried using “,” an online tool, but it seems that it doesn’t support downloading Brightcove videos. Is there any other way/tool that you recommend? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  13. It works well for me. I started from your indications, but I could find only data-video-id, not data-account. I extracted the data-account info from the url – I saw that in your “select data-account” image the data-account information is also in the background-image url, so I extracted it from the the URL. Later, I discovered that in the Console section, the video is called with a GET method that includes the parameters account= and video=. In my case, I can extract them easier from there.

    Thank you Ilayaraja for sharing this Brightcove video download method because I tried before many video download software or plugins, but none of them worked! In my case the video is embedded in a private course page and this was the only method that worked.


    Video is DRM protected content. There is no geo-location tagging. Tube-offline will not work for such videos. Any other option to download?


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