Divi Extra theme modify the footer bottom bar text

Divi is the best theme I have ever seen in the WordPress world. Divi has an option to change the footer credits under the bottom bar section in Theme customize. But DIVI EXTRA theme does not have the footer edit option. This is a major disadvantage of divi extra theme.

Divi Extra theme modify the footer bottom

However, there is a method which helps to change the footer text of the Extra theme.

Modify Extra theme footer credits by Javascript

Add the below javascript code into
Extra > Theme Options > Integration > Add code to the head of your blog” section.

.html('© '+(new Date).getFullYear()+'
 <p>Designed by Ilayaraja</p>');

Now your footer credits of Extra theme has been changed.

2 thoughts on “Divi Extra theme modify the footer bottom bar text”

  1. Hey Raja, will this code work even when we updated the theme? I’m aware that when we update the extra theme we could lose this function, am I right?

    • yes. if you update the theme, it will delete your old files. You can create child theme and paste the code on it. It will solve your problem. Thanks


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