Filezilla -How to delete specific Quick connect entries

Most of the web developers are asking is there are any methods/steps to remove the particular quick-connect list?

Filezilla is not providing the option to delete specific quick-entry list. But there is a method to delete the specific entry.

Step 1: Press ctrl+R on your windows system, for apple press  (⌘)+R This will execute the RUN command prompt window.

Step 2: Now copy and paste the below code in the RUN

Windows 7,8 etc: %APPDATA%\FileZilla

Apple Mac OS X: ~/.filezilla

Linux: ~/.filezilla

Step 3: After pasting the above line, The Run window is looking like the below image

Filezilla delete specific Quiconnect entries

Step 4: This command will open the APPDATA-Filezilla folder where the .xml configuration files are located.

Step 4: Now select the recentservers.xml file and open in any code editor like ( noptepad++, sublimeText )

Filezilla: recentserver.xml file

Step 5: Now delete the server entry details you want. Delete all the content inside <server> host, port, protocol, type, user, pass, etc.. </server>

Filezilla delete specific xml Quiconnect entries

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